Heather has a good time courtesy of BMG Good Sorts

Written by Media Manager.

April BMG Good Sorts winner, Heather Walker, has had a very busy last couple of month's since we caught up with her. The Nelson Giants, for whom she is a volunteer, has had a massive season, not only getting to the semi finals, but also having to deal with the disruption of life out of their "normal" home, the Trafalgar Centre.

Heather was singled out at the recent post season celebration and headed up infront of everyone along with 4 of the other volunteers to be presented with a bouquet of flowers to thank her for all of the hard work and dedication to the team, and the wider organisation.

Good on her we say - she is an awesome lady, and so humble with all of the extra efforts she puts in across many different community groups as well as the Nelson Giants.

We were very happy to receive an email, and a photo, from her recently thanking us for the $200 Dinner Voucher. This is the awesomeness of the lady that she is - not only did she have the gratitude to send us a thankyou, but she also had the forethought to take a photo of them out enjoying the voucher so we could share it with everyone. So thoughtful of her, and yet another example of the kind way in which she thinks.

 heather walker at smugglers
Derek Walker, Gary from Smugglers, our BMG Good Sort Healther Walker and grandson Ben Seelen.


With two birthdays to celebrate , they headed off to Smugglers to celebrate her husband Derek’s, and grandson’s Ben Seelen, combined birrthday with a family get together and meal. They enjoyed not only a fantastic meal but also got to spend some quality family time.
Thanks again Heather for being such a Good Sort, for always thinking of others, and for also thinking of us and rounding off the story for those of our readers that may have followed the Good Sorts story. You are a legend, keep up the great work, it is very appreciated, and good luck for the final end of year draw!